• Sheena, age 63<span>TREATMENT: Total Hip Replacement</span>

    Sheena, age 63TREATMENT: Total Hip Replacement

    Sheena, age 63, was first treated by Mr. Vedi eight years previously as an NHS patient and underwent successful surgery on her right knee.

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  • Sue, age 72<span>TREATMENT: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection into hip</span>

    Sue, age 72TREATMENT: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection into hip

    In March 2019, Sue was having extreme problems with her back. A former tennis player for 30 years and usually a very active person, she was walking her dog on a stoney beach when the pain came on – she went to the physio who said it was bursitis.

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  • Garth, age 73<span>TREATMENT: nSTRIDE injection into hip</span>

    Garth, age 73TREATMENT: nSTRIDE injection into hip

    Garth, age 73, had enjoyed a very active life, playing golf, taking long walks and even playing football and other games with his grandchildren in the garden.

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  • Kevin, age 61<span>TREATMENT: Total Hip Replacement</span>

    Kevin, age 61TREATMENT: Total Hip Replacement

    61-year-old Kevin, is an extremely active man, who enjoys all sports and travelling. He drives a tanker, collecting waste and delivering fresh water for a living.

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  • Roop, age 50<span>TREATMENT: Total Hip Replacement</span>

    Roop, age 50TREATMENT: Total Hip Replacement

    At the age of 46, Roop suffered a massive left-sided stroke which had devastating consequences. Despite experiencing no pain because of the extremity of the numbing in his leg, his left leg was obviously dragging along when he walked. But then his pain seemed to get much worse, becoming so excruciating when he walked that he became wheelchair-bound, and had to resort to crawling up the stairs to get about.

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