Patient Stories

  • Roop’s Story

    Roop’s Story

    At the age of 46, Roop suffered a massive left-sided stroke which had devastating consequences. Despite experiencing no pain because of the extremity of the numbing in his leg, his left leg was obviously dragging along when he walked. But then his pain seemed to get much worse, becoming so excruciating when he walked that he became wheelchair-bound, and had to resort to crawling up the stairs to get about.

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  • Jonathan’s Story

    Jonathan’s Story

    By the age of 56, treatments for Jonathan’s complex medical history had led to long operations, extensive periods in hospitals and even longer recoveries.

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  • Karen's Story

    Karen's Story

    Karen was suffering from inflammatory osteoarthritis and had been seeing her GP about the pain in her knees. He sent her to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon who advised she did everything to improve her muscles and help to support her knees – physio, exercise, painkillers, swimming and miles on an exercise bike.

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  • Pam's Story

    Pam's Story

    Pam, first saw Mr Vedi at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital back in July 2012. She had been knocked over in a high street by a woman deep in conversation on her mobile phone, who had suddenly started to walk backwards on a crowded pavement.

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  • Jean's Story

    Jean's Story

    Jean, age 75 had two hip replacements within 6 months which transformed her life. Jean had been having dreadful problems with her hips and was in constant pain. She loved gardening, walking and shopping but was unable to enjoy any of these activities. She could hardly stand up because she was in so much pain � it felt like a constant stabbing which kept her awake throughout the night.

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