Paula, age 62 Treatment: Total Hip Replacement

Paula, age 62 <span>Treatment: Total Hip Replacement</span>

Paula, age 62, a grandmother of three from Kings Langley had life-changing hip replacement surgery with Mr Vedi at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital in Northwood.

Paula had been struggling for over four years – initially with knee pain. She also had severe diabetes and other medical issues which complicated matters. Paula initially had a knee arthroscopy to clean out her knee, but things did not improve, and her hip began to hurt. Paula would sit in a chair and her hip would lock and she would be unable to move her leg. She also would keep falling over. At work, she was given a specialised chair and a raised desk to give her more comfort.

Paula went back to Mr Vedi and had an Xray and MRI which showed she was bone on bone with osteoarthritis of her hip.

For various reasons including the impact of COVID and also Paula’s impending redundancy, Paula decided to delay surgery. Eighteen months later, last January, Paula had her hip replacement surgery with Mr Vedi at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital and stayed for three nights.

Paula said, “Before surgery, my hip had become a real disability. I spent a lot of time sitting on a sofa or lying on a bed, in order to rest my hip and not be in pain. I had not been able to enjoy one of my favourite walks for over two years, which involved climbing up this really big hill – but six weeks after surgery I was finally able to again.  It was fantastic! My hip replacement has been totally life-changing. After 12 weeks, I was able to bend down and walk up to 4,000 steps a day with my dog. And, only last week after four months, I was able to go ten pin bowling.”

Paula said, “Mr Vedi is just a brilliant surgeon. He is genuinely friendly, gets to know his patients and does not rush you into making major decisions. He is honest, really cares and is such a lovely man. I would not hesitate in recommending him.”