Pam, age 76TREATMENT: Total Hip Replacement

Pam, age 76<span>TREATMENT: Total Hip Replacement</span>

Pam, first saw Mr Vedi at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital back in July 2012.  She had been knocked over in a high street by a woman deep in conversation on her mobile phone, who had suddenly started to walk backwards on a crowded pavement.

Pam had fallen on the same right hip – which six years earlier had undergone a resurfacing operation.

Pam went to see Mr Vedi at Bishops Wood Hospital, who had taken over from her previous consultant. Mr Vedi, arranged an X-ray and was very helpful and reassuring about the state of her hip. He set in motion an annual check-up because of concerns on metal-on-metal resurfacing.

But towards the end of 2017, Pam was having to use a walking stick for the first time since back in 2006, due to osteoarthritis in her painful left hip. She went back to see Mr Vedi, and he suggested with her agreement to operate when the weather should be getting good enough for a steady increase in outdoor exercise.

Mr Vedi carried out a full hip replacement on her left hip with a spinal anaesthetic and in four days Pam was able to go home. Just a few days later, Pam was walking - with elbow crutches, in the street and able to enjoy daily outings to the National Trust parkland again.

Pam says “Both hips are really good, pain-free, and checks over this past year have shown how well they are doing. I am 76 years old (going on 69!)  and walk a mile or so nearly every day. On three days a week, I am able to spend the afternoons on my feet volunteering in the local hospice charity shops. Mr Vedi and his team were marvellous. Thank-you Mr Vedi!”