Pamela, age 79 Treatment: Total Hip Replacements for both Hips

Pamela, age 79 <span>Treatment: Total Hip Replacements for both Hips</span>

Pamela, age 79 79-year-old Pamela had two hip replacements within five months with Mr Vedi and is recovering very well.

Pamela, started having problems with her hip back in April last year. She had no pain when standing still but when she moved or stood up from sitting down, she experienced intense pain and walking was difficult.

Pamela initially went to an osteopath and only needed a few sessions before she was referred back to her GP insisting she ask for Xray’s on the NHS. The Xray’s showed that both hips had deteriorated, and Pamela was added to the NHS waiting list for hip replacements.

Her pain was getting worse, so a friend of Pamela recommended she see Mr Vedi privately. Pamela read his profile, website and positive reviews and decided to make an appointment with his secretary Jane.

When she saw Mr Vedi, the Xray’s revealed she had severe osteoarthritis in both hips, and she needed two hip replacements urgently. She had her first hip replaced just before Christmas and her second hip in May this year both at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital in Northwood.

The first time, Pamela, stayed for three nights and came home with no pain whatsoever – she had little discomfort. It was winter-time so she tried to walk up and down the garden path so not to slip on other roads. Recovery for her second hip replacement in May this year was much quicker. Within two weeks she was only reliant on one crutch and could walk about 15 minutes. After six weeks, Pamela was able to walk around the house easily with no aids at all. Twelve weeks on, Pamela is now able to walk over an hour at a time.

Pamela commented: "My heartfelt thanks, Mr Vedi, for a second successful hip replacement, I feel well on the way to a full recovery and am very happy with my two new hips. I am also far more comfortable with legs of equal length and walking is a whole lot easier now. I am very grateful to have been able to take advantage of your professional care and expertise. and I can now fully enjoy life again."