Jean, age 75TREATMENT: Total Hip Replacements for both hips

Jean, age 75<span>TREATMENT: Total Hip Replacements for both hips</span>

Jean, age 75 had two hip replacements within 6 months which transformed her life.

Jean had been having dreadful problems with her hips and was in constant pain. She loved gardening, walking and shopping but was unable to enjoy any of these activities. She could hardly stand up because she was in so much pain – it felt like a constant stabbing which kept her awake throughout the night.

So, on recommendation from her GP, Jean went to see Mr Vikas Vedi, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital in Northwood.

Further to her consultation and X-ray in 2012, Mr Vedi confirmed that Jean had osteoarthritis and needed to have surgery on both hips.

Because Jean needed to look after her husband who had cancer, she was unable to proceed with surgery straightaway, and decided to battle on regardless. And then in September 2017, Jean’s husband died.

Jean went back to see Mr Vedi in November 2017 and agreed to have a hip replacement – initially on her left hip which was much more painful and then the right hip the following June. For each operation, Jean stayed at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital for three nights.

Although Jean encountered some pain after the operation, it was nothing in comparison to what she endured before surgery.

After six weeks, Jean was able to walk without any crutches and start driving again.

Jean said “Mr Vedi has transformed my life. I’m so much more confident driving on my own and I am even able to drive to see my brother who lives 90 miles away. I feel I’m 16 again – I can’t stop laughing and feel incredibly happy. I’m able to go out with my friends, go shopping, go to parties and go on holiday now. Thank you, Mr Vedi”.