Anne, age 75 Treatment: Gluteal tendon repair

Anne, age 75 <span>Treatment: Gluteal tendon repair</span>

Anne, age 75 Treatment: Gluteal tendon repair

Mr Vedi successfully treated exercise teacher Anne after she suffered a damaged abductor muscle following hip replacement surgery with another consultant.

Anne had her hip replaced privately with a consultant in February 2020, but after eight weeks she was still using two crutches and then Lockdown happened. In the August, she still couldn’t walk and needed to rely on a shopping trolley to get her around the supermarket.

Having no mobility Anne decided to seek help from a different specialist. One of her customers who was successfully treated by Mr Vedi, suggested she contact him.

Anne said, “Because we live in a house without road access and I am an exercise teacher, it wasn’t acceptable for me to have a limp and have to use a walking stick.”      

Anne met with Mr Vedi who said he could do a repair, but she would need to live somewhere more accessible. Anne agreed to move into her father-in-law’s flat and Anne was finally able to have surgery with Mr Vedi at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital in May 2021. Mr Vedi was able to repair the gluteal muscle which had been detached in her previous hip surgery.

After surgery, Anne used a Zimmer frame for six weeks, and then gradually built up her activity levels. She can now walk around the supermarket and back and forth across her field at home.

Five months on, Anne is about to start dog agility classes after an 18-month interlude and is looking forward to teaching steps and weight classes again.

Anne concluded “Mr Vedi is so clever. He is the sort of person you can trust to try his hardest for you. He is a very down-to-earth person who I like very much indeed. I have worked very hard at not feeling my age and I shall always be so grateful to him for giving me my life back. It’s still early days but it feels good!”