Grandmum of 4 active again after double knee replacements

Grandmum of 4 active again after double knee replacements

Carol a full-time transport worker and grandmum of four had two total knee replacements with Mr Vedi within two years.

Carol, now 59, was diagnosed with palindromic arthritis, a rare condition which presents with swelling and inflammation of at least five or six joints at a time. Three years previously, Carol’s knee swelled up, like a balloon and then the other knee did the same thing. Carol was in extreme pain standing up and she needed to prop her legs up with pillows at night to relieve the pain. But it wasn’t just her knees – when she had a flare up, her shoulders, hand, wrist and finger joints would also swell up and cause immense pain.

Carol had seen her GP repeatedly and finally decided to use her work private medical insurance. Bupa had given her three names, including Mr Vedi and as her GP had also recommended Mr Vedi, she decided to go and see him.  After having an Xray and MRI Mr Vedi went through the options with her. He initially suggested Carol had cortisone injections into both knees to ease the pain – but when the pain returned Carol agreed to go down the surgery route.

Carol had her first total knee replacement in April 2019 at Spire Thames Valley Hospital staying for three nights and then the second, her left knee at Bishops Wood Hospital staying for two nights. After her second surgery, Carol was able to hobble around the house without crutches for the first week and following her physio exercise regime, by six weeks Carol was able to drive her manual car again.

Carol said “Mr Vedi has changed my life completely. I am so more active and can really enjoy looking after my four beautiful grandchildren without being in such extreme pain. I am going away for weekends again and am loving my long beach walks.”

Carol added, “Mr Vedi is a lovely man and explains things very well and very clearly. He is straight-talking which is exactly what I needed. I would definitely recommend Mr Vedi to my family and friends.”