Mr. Vedi performed the procedure under sedation and I have been pain free ever since.

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I am a 61 year old lady who likes to stay fairly fit, by walking, sailing and going to a gym once a week.

During 2009 I developed bursitis in my right hip.  The bursitis pain was like a hot spot ache in the joint and was particularly bad at night, meaning that sleep was difficult.  I usually slept on my right side and had to learn to sleep on my left side with a hot water bottle balanced on my right hip The first course of action was anti inflammatory drugs (600mgs twice a day) which gave me only temporary relief and I was concerned about what they were doing to my stomach.

The second course of action was to have a cortisone injection into the bursa.  This provided a short term relief of a few weeks each time and during 6 months I had 3 injections, the last one under a type of x-ray. Too many injections, I now realise, in too short a time.

Eventually, I heard through an NHS Consultant about Mr. Vedi's blood plasma regeneration treatment.  I was told that it was in its experimental stage in this country.  However, I researched the technique on the internet and found that it has become popular in America, especially with athletes.  As the technique involves using the patient’s own blood and not a steroid, I was keen to try it.  I had some money saved and after a year of pain, I decided to pay to have the treatment done privately as I just couldn’t wait any longer.

Mr. Vedi performed the procedure under sedation on 25th March 2010 and I have been pain free ever since.  I can’t quite believe it and have delayed writing this, in case it wore off.  Even if it does wear off, this will be the longest that I have been pain free for over a year and I would certainly repeat the procedure since the side effects are nil.

~By - Mrs MR