I am endlessly grateful to the outstanding specialist

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'I am a Russian female aged 72. In May 2010 I started to feel an intense pain in my hip. Since then the pain increased and I found it more and more difficult to walk regardless of hundreds of injections and tablets of pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs that I have taken. I had a diagnose of the hip joint degradation in the 3rd stage. The conservative treatment would not help and the hip joint was recommended. I was greatly disturbed by the prospect of the operation. Eventually I got accustomed to the necessity of the surgery but I felt great fear of it. In Russia, such operations are done since only a few years ago and the success statistics is not encouraging. Happily I had an opportunity to have a hip replacement done in the UK. After consultations with a few surgeons and some internet research I chose Mr. Vikas Vedi to replace my hip. I do not regret my choice. On the 16th of August 2011 this talented gentleman so brilliantly performed the hip replacement surgery in just 45 minutes that I now feel the joy of the second lease of life. I was lucky to be operated by a Master of his profession. Dr Fernandes the anaesthesiologist did his part excellently as well. I am endlessly grateful to the outstanding specialist who helped me in my very difficult condition.

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